The problem

Delivering training that the business needs requires speed and coordination, but gathering requests and manually planning your projects with excel spreadsheets, word docs, and email slows you down, creates bottlenecks and makes it harder than it should be.

Our solution

Standardize your training request intake and prioritization process. Crowdsource training needs from within the workforce, get requests with complete requirements that keep you from chasing details, and ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Centralizing training intake means that requests don't get lost, feedback is always readily available, redundancies are removed and you can work more efficiently.

Standardize Training Intake

Branded, customizable forms enable you to gather critical information on the training request so you can effectively evaluate and prioritize requests.

Communicate More Effectively

Approve or decline training requests and provide feedback to the requestor. Individual dashboards show requestors exactly what is happening with their requests.

Improve Visiblity with a Centralized Dashboard

Highly graphical reports and dashboards allow you to quickly assess requests by status, business impact and department.

“This software is incredibly user-friendly and can make even the most novice trainer an instructional designer.”
VP, Performance & Development

Resources for your team

Creating a high-performing training development process doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some tools, tips, and resources to help you lead a productive, happy team.
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Case Study

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