Training Intake Software

Our customers are slashing the amount of time it takes to process training requests by as much as 90%. 

training intake software

How Synapse Improves Your Training Intake Process

Branded Request Form

Provide requestors with a standardized digital form to capture essential information. 

Centralized Dashboard

Organize requests on a centralized Kanban board and move them through your process.

Project Management

Approve or decline training requests, assign project owners and tasks with due dates and attached documents to eliminate bottlenecks. 

Collaborate with Requestors

Consult with requestors and clarify training needs right on the form. Tag SMEs and other stakeholders to provide commentary.

Here's what our clients are saying:

“As a result of this new digital solution, ISE has seen an increase of 80% in unique readers of courses in the space of three months.”

Marketing Manager, 
International Student Exchange

“I wanted to find a way to build just-in-time, mobile-friendly training opportunities that would provide the coaching for just that needed skill, especially at the basic bronze level of competency development”
Senior Manager,
Global Learning Leader
jeff balmer american water

“We’ve been able to establish a process where we didn’t have one before. Now we can see who requested the training, what are they looking for, and everyone on the team can see it.”

Learning Designer,
American Water

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What else can Synapse do for you?

Streamline Project Planning

Easily view the status of all your projects and move them through various stages so you have full visibility into everything your team is working on.

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Automate Content Creation

Leverage built in best practices to enable anyone to automatically author content while working more efficiently with L&D stakeholders.

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Resources for your team.

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