5 Signs Your Training Intake System Isn’t Working

training intake system

You and your team worked so hard to roll out a training intake system to streamline and measure the entire scope of requested learning across your organization. But is it working? We’ve compiled 5 signs that can tell you whether your training intake system might not be working as optimally as it can be. Some […]

How to Stick to Instructional Design Principles in Challenging Training Situations

tackling incompetence through training solutions

As any instructional designer or learning professional will tell you, instructional design principles are at the heart of all impactful learning experiences. But sticking resolutely to instructional design best practices can sometimes be at odds with organizational needs. In times of great change, the onus is on L&D to pick up speed and meet the […]

What is Learning Agility and How is it Different to Agile Learning?

learning agility

The need to keep up with increasingly dynamic market forces means organizations must find ways to kickstart a higher pace and keep up with change. That’s why practices such as Agile, a method of working and collaborating that was initially designed for software development, has been seeping into multiple business functions in recent years. Learning […]

How to Handle Training Requests from Executive Management


Whew! You just overhauled your training intake system so that requests can enter your department digitally, in an organized and categorized fashion. You and your team are so proud to have implemented the system. It asks the requester questions, not only about the topics or concepts to be learned in the training but also the […]

What is Generative Learning?

generative learning

Generative learning is a theory that suggests that the learning process is based on the memory that is already stored in our brains. As new data is added to our long term memory, it becomes part of our knowledge base.  The theory of generative learning is based on the assumption that the human brain does […]

The Strategic Thinker’s Guide to Managing Training Requests


How do you know whether your employees want training? (Chances are, they do.) And how do you know whether training requests are worth your and your team’s time to develop? First, a system or mechanism needs to be in place for fielding training requests. This mechanism is essentially finding out who wants training and in […]

What is a Learning Assessment?

learning assessment

A lot of time and development goes into a great corporate training course, but the assessment phase is often one of the most neglected areas of the process. Learning consists of action and reflection, and assessment is an important part of the guided reflection that is needed for optimal learning. The most important thing to […]

What Is Crowdsourced Learning?

crowdsourced learning

Crowdsourced learning is learning content requested, developed, and delivered by a group of individuals not normally tasked with creating learning content.  Crowdsourced learning need not be sourced from a specific set of designated learning and development professionals or instructional designers. Instead, crowdsourced learning originates from anyone within a department or company who can provide meaningful, […]