Synapse Feature Update: Tasking and Commenting Updates

We’ve rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements!  Here’s what’s new: Tasking and Commenting Updates We have combined comments and tasks into a new, simpler view. You will now see all your assigned tasks as soon as you open the Tasking and Commenting Tray. To see other tasks, simply click on the […]

Assessing the ROI of Employee Training

As an employer, there are many questions to be answered when considering to invest in employee training. How much should I budget to train a new employee? How much time should an existing employee spend in training every month? Can I afford to take people away from the job for training? How do I know […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Build Online Training

Every organization needs to produce employee training that only they have the knowledge to create. This means you can’t find it on the Internet, you can’t license it from a third party, and you can’t ask someone outside your organization to do it for you. Someone inside your company has to do it. What falls […]

10 Reasons to Invest in Employee Training

With the explosion in educational content on the web, you often read about how employees can learn on their own, watching videos and reading articles. To the extent that you are looking for basic knowledge (STEM) and general skills (e.g. using popular software products), this is true. But when it comes to specific strategy, processes […]

How to Scale your Training Department

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) face serious challenges in scaling quality online training. Hiring a dedicated training manager is often the first step in addressing this issue, but in many organizations, this position remains unfilled until it becomes painfully obvious that the existing training isn’t really effective for employees and customers. Or that there simply […]

What Is Content Curation and Why Should You Care?

Studies show that the majority corporate “eLearning” programs are ineffective and limited in use, other than mandatory compliance training. Today’s modern learner has little use for linear courses that are nothing more than animated slides designed for consumption in a Learning Management System. LMS training was primarily designed for a desktop, not mobile, experience. Many […]

How to Determine Whether Digital Training Is Right for your Company?

It’s actually a very simple answer. In today’s day and age, every company wants to provide great digital training to their employees and customers! With millennials becoming the majority of the workforce and mobile devices becoming the principal way people access the Internet, it just makes sense. But for many organizations, it’s still challenging to […]

Why small and medium sized businesses need to train their employees online

If you follow any of the industry publications and pundits, you will find that online training dominates the conversation. For the last 15 years “eLearning” has been the buzz. Yet at the same time, there is a significant dissatisfaction with “eLearning” and still a huge amount of instructor-led training being delivered. Small and medium businesses […]