How to Tackle Unconscious Incompetence in the Workforce Through Training Solutions

unconscious incompetence

“We don’t know what we don’t know” or “fake it till you make it” are oft-used phrases to describe knowledge that we might need—but don’t currently have—in order to do our jobs. This phenomenon is also known as unconscious incompetence, and it’s hurting organizations in ways you might not even realize. Not possessing critical knowledge […]

6 Ways to Promote Training Intake and Increase Engagement

online learning

You may have already rolled out your training intake system, but is anyone using it? The lack of adoption of your new system is only one sign that it’s not working and is most likely due to awareness. Managers and business partners—those who are in a position to make a request—simply haven’t heard of it […]

5 Signs Your Training Intake System Isn’t Working

training intake system

You and your team worked so hard to roll out a training intake system to streamline and measure the entire scope of requested learning across your organization. But is it working? We’ve compiled 5 signs that can tell you whether your training intake system might not be working as optimally as it can be. Some […]

All Aboard: Onboarding Employees in the New Normal of Remote Work

remote onboarding

There’s a lot going on during the onboarding process for a new employee. You need to make sure they feel comfortable and welcome, are learning continuously, and have access to the right tools and technologies. It requires a lot of communication and face to face interaction.  But now that entire companies have transitioned to working […]

Rejecting Training Requests Doesn’t Have to be All or Nothing


We realize that you cannot do it all. Previously in this blog, we’ve covered how to decline a training request. We’ve also discussed what questions to add to a training request intake form so that you can, early on, have a better idea of which training you will most likely need to outsource. So when […]

Evaluating Requests for External Training Solutions: When You Can’t Do It All

external training

Evaluating training requests can be overwhelming—even when you have to say no. While there can be a process for declining training requests, you should also have a plan in place to provide contingency training: those external resources that would make for a perfect fit for your employees when the L&D team simply can’t develop the […]

How to Handle Training Requests from Executive Management


Whew! You just overhauled your training intake system so that requests can enter your department digitally, in an organized and categorized fashion. You and your team are so proud to have implemented the system. It asks the requester questions, not only about the topics or concepts to be learned in the training but also the […]

Letting Them Down Easy: How to Decline Training Requests

how to decline training requests

Rejecting training requests can be a little awkward. It’s especially so when the request is from a senior manager or if it’s not the first time this particular request has come through. Setting up meetings to explain each and every training request decision is a drag on time and resources, particularly for those L&D teams […]

Is it a Training Issue? 5 Critical Questions to Ask Requestors

is it a training issue

How often have you heard a manager utter the phrase “we need to get training for X”? Probably quite often. How often have you then developed a course as requested, only to find that there is little to no performance improvement as a result? Part of the remit for L&D teams is to analyze training […]