What is a Learning Advisory Committee?

learning advisory committee

Figuring out exactly what training is needed to drive organizational performance is a consistent and prevalent challenge for L&D. It often means relying on business partners to tell you what’s going on in their department and taking your training cues from their recommendations. But the reality of this can be floods of training requests for […]

What the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means for Learning Teams

what is coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to spread unease around the globe, many companies are taking proactive steps to keep their employees and customers as safe as possible. But these precautions are having massive ripple effects throughout the organization, and learning teams are being similarly affected.  From office closures to restricted travel, here is how training teams […]

9 Training Intake Metrics You Need to Start Tracking

training intake analytics

Learning and development have been a little late to the party in terms of big data, analytics, and implementing data-driven strategies. But as interest in the function grows, especially among executive management, learning pros are looking for bigger and better ways to report on their organizational impact. Training intake metrics are some of the most […]

The Top Training Solutions Employees Want in the Modern Workplace

You can spend all the time in the world overhauling your corporate training strategies and building new courses. But if you’re not building what the learners actually want, employee engagement will continue to be an issue and you won’t get optimal results.  Listening to your learner market is imperative. And while we would recommend starting […]

Letting Them Down Easy: How to Decline Training Requests

how to decline training requests

Rejecting training requests can be a little awkward. It’s especially so when the request is from a senior manager or if it’s not the first time this particular request has come through. Setting up meetings to explain each and every training request decision is a drag on time and resources, particularly for those L&D teams […]

Setting L&D Up for Success: From Training Request to Course Design


We’ve written before on the importance of standardizing training requests. But without an organized, proven process that aligns with the goals of the business, training requests remain haphazard and arbitrary. L&D need to find a way to structure their forms to facilitate an easy transition from training request to course design. But standardizing training requests […]

Aligning Training Project Intake to Business Strategy

With any employee being able to initiate a request for training project intake, the L&D department can quickly become overwhelmed. Nowadays, every employee feels empowered and enabled to seek training in order to do his or her job better. Knowing that L&D is considered a strategic resource within an organization, more employees and managers are […]

7 Tools for Creating Training Request Forms: a Comparative Guide

training request form tools

The jig is up for training intake. L&D teams are starting to realize that bottlenecks in the training design process begin in this very first stage, and it’s time to do something about it. Creating effective training request forms is the first step. Manual processes and ad-hoc requests are slowing down the prioritization of training […]

Top Learning and Development Trends to Expect in 2020

learning and development challenges

Want to see expected trends for 2021? Check out this more up-to-date post on learning and development trends for 2021. We here at Synapse have our fingers on the pulse. So, we’ve been looking at what learning and development trends L&D leaders should be anticipating for 2020. One thing is certain: technology continues to play […]

Developing Sales Enablement Training that Drives Performance

sales enablement training

Sales enablement means providing your sales team with absolutely everything they need to be successful at all stages of the buying process. From tools and technology to product knowledge and marketing materials, sales enablement training is key to nurturing top-performing sales reps. The training component of sales enablement is hugely important. It presents different problems […]