Webinar Recording: Transforming Your Training Intake Process for Successful Course Launch

Date: March 19th, 2020
Time: 1PM (EST)
Laura Doerr | Senior & Lead Project Manager | eLearning Brothers
Kristy Sadler | CMO | Synapse

In a world of agile business practices, speed to market for training is increasingly important for corporate learning teams. Most learning pros would agree that there are bottlenecks slowing down the course design process. But a lot of those bottlenecks are rooted in the initial training intake phase.

Training teams can sometimes get stuck in a cycle of diving into training projects without spending the time needed for requirements gathering during training intake. The best way to avoid bottlenecks during course design is to use an established framework for intake and kick-off, so nothing gets missed. 

Join Laura Doerr, Senior & Lead Project Manager at eLearning Brothers, and Kristy Sadler, CMO at Synapse, as they show you how to create a streamlined path from training request to course design, and why it matters.  

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should take a standardized approach to training intake
  • How to structure your training intake process to get a head start on effective course design
  • How to keep all members of the training project team on the same page
  • The benefits this approach creates for your end product
  • How training intake software can help you to better manage, prioritize, and process training requests
training intake for training projects

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