Webinar Recording – Training in the Flow-of-Work: How Solenis’s “Learn it Now” Modules Delivered Award-Winning Results

Delivering training in the flow of work solves many problems faced by learners (and the organization) today. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Synapse client Solenis was facing a sales force with vastly different knowledge levels and a huge amount of technical material still being delivered through instructor-led training. The traditional classroom-style training was not keeping pace with changes in the business or the learning preferences of employees.

Solenis solved these problems and more through an innovative, award-winning L&D strategy which resulted in the rapid creation of “Learn It Now” modules. 

Watch the recording of Thomas Bernard, Global Learning Leader at Solenis, and Kristy Sadler, CMO at Synapse, to hear the full story and learn how Solenis:

  • Built individual skill/knowledge profiles for employees
  • Leveraged instructional design technology and SMEs to quickly create the modules needed
  • Created a “Learn it Now” option so employees could learn needed skills in the flow of work
  • Created real business impact by thinking outside the box for their corporate training strategy

Watch the webinar on demand: