Webinar Recording: 5 Ways Effective Assessments Can Catapult Your Corporate Learning Outcomes

Learning departments are often judged on the business outcomes of the training they develop. As a result, the emphasis is often placed on the training content. But in order to ensure the content and overall course design align to expectations, robust assessments are key.

Not only do assessments provide another opportunity for learners to further their understanding of the concepts, but they can also provide critical indicators to the learning team about the effectiveness of their instructional design components.

Join Michael Sharman and Kristy Sadler as they show you how to create effective learning assessments that can help drive the overall success of your corporate training program.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of effective assessments
  • The core components of an assessment strategy
  • How to decide on applicable assessment types for each course
  • How to interpret assessment results
  • Reporting back to stakeholders on course effectiveness
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