Webinar Recording: How Agile Learning Can Power Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Mark Hellinger | CPO | Synapse 
Kristy Sadler | CMO | Synapse

Learning is moving online – both in the way it’s created and how it’s delivered. If you’re trying to kickstart digital transformation or you’re in the midst of a digital transportation initiative, there are many elements of Agile Learning that can help speed up the process. Whether it’s digitizing knowledge capture from SMEs or transferring physical assets online, Agile empowers you, your team, and your stakeholders to cross the project finish line.

But embracing Agile into your training projects doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You can leverage parts of the Agile Learning approach and incorporate other elements as needed.  

View this on-demand webinar recording to learn how to leverage Agile for your unique organizational and learning needs. Mark Hellinger draws on his extensive and unique experience in the learning and technology industries to show you:

  • What’s driving digital transformation for today’s learning professionals
  • The story of Agile and its emergence in the learning and development world
  • How to use Agile in conjunction with existing models to speed up digital transformation
  • When to use Agile and when to stick with more traditional frameworks
  • The tools and processes of Agile that can be implemented quickly, even for remote teams
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Watch the Webinar: