Interactive Capacity Gap Calculator: Calculate How Well Your Training Team is Keeping Up With Demand

Launching a training program or taking on new projects without understanding your training team’s capacity often results in missed deadlines, an overworked team, and less effective training solutions for your learners.

And with increasing pressure on L&D to deliver performance-driving learning experiences, it’s crucial to understand the exact availability of your resources before committing to new projects. 

To give you a headstart, this calculator provides an overview of your team’s workload, whether you have the capacity for more training projects, or whether you’re already stretched too thin.

These calculations are based on research from Chapman’s Alliance (2010, “How Long Does It Take To Create Learning”), ATD (2017, “How Long to Develop One Hours Of Training? Updated for 2017”) and the average annual worked hours in the USA from 2015-2019 as collated by the OECD.

Try the calculator here and email the results!