Case Study: How Effective Collaboration was Key for Pinnacol Assurance in Implementing an Organization-Wide Training Initiative

Struggling to collaborate effectively, losing track of emails and documents, watching deadlines for training projects sail past… this is the harsh reality for many  L&D departments.

The Learning and Organizational Development team at Pinnacol Assurance was experiencing those same bottlenecks during a training project that had been ongoing for three years.

“We had a lot of emails going back and forth, trying to collect input and content from SMEs, which was cumbersome.” (Libby Albanesi, L&OD Specialist at Pinnacol Assurance) 

Learn how Pinnacol Assurance used a new approach to working with SMEs to overcome these challenges and get their training project back on track.

This case study details the critical components that contributed to their success including:

  • Standardizing their approach to working with SMEs
  • Collaborating with SMEs on training projects in one central location
  • Accelerating the creation of training to impact business performance
Download the case study to see the impact technology can have on the time-to-market for your training solutions.
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