Free eBook: The Training Manager’s Guide to Team Productivity and Meeting Training Demand

The expectation on L&D to deliver highly impactful, performance-driving training is higher than ever. But as demand increases, the struggle to keep up affects training teams of all sizes and budgets.

The secret to keeping up with this ever-increasing demand for training and effectively managing your team’s workload lies in increasing training team productivity. 

However, increasing productivity takes a little bit more than simply demanding higher output levels. Overburdening your team only leads to missed deadlines, inefficiencies, and burnout.

So, how can you increase productivity without overloading your team and causing training project failures?

In this free ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Why L&D teams are struggling to keep up with demand
  • The characteristics of productive training teams
  • The benefits and processes of capacity planning
  • How to understand and manage your team’s capacity
  • The role of learning technology in increasing team productivity
training team productivity

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