Free eBook: Learning Advisory Committees: How to Make L&D a Strategic Pillar in Your Organization

Demonstrating the strategic value of learning and development has become a pressing issue for learning leaders. Part of the challenge is finding ways to better communicate and work with the rest of the business to properly establish and prioritize training needs.

Formalizing the conversation between L&D and other departments can ensure that your training solutions are laser focused on meeting organizational objectives and aligning your training efforts with corporate strategy.

That’s where the Learning Advisory Committee comes in. Establishing a cross-functional committee to discuss training needs, performance issues, and organizational goals means that your training team can focus on producing solutions that matter to the business and that impact performance.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to form a Learning Advisory Committee
  • The benefits of establishing a Learning Advisory Committee
  • Best practices for forming and running the committee
  • How to integrate training intake processes into your conversations
  • The responsibilities and outcomes to expect
training advisory group

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