Free eBook: Harness the Power of Crowdsourcing for Corporate Training Success

As an L&D pro, you may find yourself overloaded with training requests or struggling to keep up with the demand for training. The rate of creating and updating corporate training courses has ramped up in recent years to keep up with the pace of change in an increasingly agile business world. As the role of other business functions in training development continues to grow, L&D needs to take a leadership and guidance role when it comes to corporate learning.

Factors such as outdated content, decentralized training, and overstretched L&D teams make crowdsourcing an ideal solution for the modern workplace. A framework can be introduced to gather and prioritize training requests, analyze their requirements, and track their development as courses to eventually be delivered to employees.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Crowdsourcing strategies to help you scale training development and increase efficiency
  • Why the time is right to start crowdsourcing training requests, content, and more
  • How to decide what to crowdsource and from where
  • A technology framework for implementing effective crowdsourcing techniques
crowdsourcing for corporate training

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