Free eBook: Demystifying Agile Learning: Find the Right Framework for Your Training Team

If you’ve been considering the adoption of Agile processes to manage training projects, you’ll probably have noticed that there are multiple frameworks and methodologies out there. Not only are there multiple Agile approaches to choose from, but several frameworks have been developed that apply the Agile philosophy specifically to L&D.

And while they all embody the common Agile Manifesto principles of collaboration, speed, and flexibility, they are vastly different in terms of processes and application.

In this ebook, you’ll learn about each of these methodologies and how they operate so you can make an informed decision about the right Agile approach for you and your training team. For each Agile methodology covered, you’ll learn:

  • The core philosophies behind the approach
  • The step-by-step processes involved
  • The team structures and individual roles for your Agile project teams
  • The pros and cons of incorporation into your training development
agile learning frameworks

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