Case Study: How Rapid Course Design and Effective Collaboration with SMEs Was the Recipe for Successful Training at BJ Services

Combining speed with quality is expected of L&D departments in today’s agile business environment. This expectation often means working extensively with SMEs. But SMEs are not instructional designers, and the software available for learning design often proves too complex for them to use effectively. The resulting frustration on both sides can make it difficult to collaborate over training projects. 

The Learning and Knowledge Management team at BJ Services was experiencing those same bottlenecks when creating training courses with SMEs.

“We were on the lookout for tools available to help us build courses as quickly as possible.” (Felix Soepyan, Learning and Knowledge Management at BJ Services) 

Learn how BJ Services used a new approach to working with SMEs to overcome these challenges and create training courses rapidly and at scale.

This case study details the critical components that contributed to their success including:

  • Providing ways for SMEs to quickly create quality training courses
  • Improving collaboration with SMEs
  • Vastly reducing the time-to-market for training courses

Download the case study to see the impact technology can have on the time-to-market for your training solutions.

BJ services case study

Download the Case Study

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