Business Case Presentation: Create and Quickly Update Engaging Compliance Training With Synapse

Compliance training is a business-critical element of most organizations L&D programs. So it takes a lot of collaboration with stakeholders and subject matter experts to create and deploy compliance training. 

But with regulations constantly changing, a compliance training course is never finished. It requires regular reviews and updates which can end up being almost as time consuming and complex as the original course development process.

Synapse’s training intake, project planning, and content design software enables streamlined processes and digital collaboration for L&D teams so they can work more efficiently.

The result? Compliance training is developed quickly with close collaboration between business partners, the L&D team, and subject matter experts. Updating existing courses is a breeze and you’ll have full insight into the progress of every upcoming and ongoing compliance training project.

If you need a way to introduce Synapse in your organization and get buy-in from business partners and senior management, this customizable presentation outlines:

  • Current compliance training challenges
  • How introducing Synapse can enable your business to overcome those challenges
  • The features and benefits of the software
  • Success stories of other Synapse users
  • The overall business impact your organization’s leaders can expect
compliance training discussion

Download the Business Case Presentation: