5 Essential Strategies for Effective Course Design

Webinar: August 21st 2019 @ 1:00PM EDT


          Bill Milstid                                        Kristy Sadler
Senior Designer/Developer          Chief Marketing Officer
    eLearning Brothers                                 Synapse

Learning and development plays a critical role in driving business performance across the organization. For L&D professionals who are charged with delivering the goods, the pressure is on to build effective courses that drive business performance.

Join Bill Milstid and Kristy Sadler for an information-packed discussion that will address the essential components of effective course design: 

  • The importance of capturing the right information in training intake
  • Why making it easy for SMEs to contribute needs to be part of your strategy
  • How effective collaboration can make or break your course design
  • How to leverage design thinking in your course design
  • Where assessments fit into effective course design

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