Back to School: Training Your SMEs On Synapse

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Our Customer Success Team shares three simple steps to set your Subject Matter Experts up for success in Synapse. School is back in session! We’re excited to share some easy ways that you can train, support and teach your Subject Matter Experts to leverage Synapse.  In working with our clients, they’ve highlighted the importance of […]

Thank You: Secret Formula for Working with SMEs

You’re all set! You can access the toolkit here at any time. The Secret Formula for Working with SMEs Keep you and your SMEs on track for successful course development. Download Now Did you know that Synapse has software to help you work more effectively with SMEs? Watch a 5 minute demo to learn more. […]

Importance of Subject Matter Experts: The Pros and Cons of Working with SMEs

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It’s often seen as a burden on training professionals and instructional designers, but the importance of subject matter experts and working with them cannot be understated. But take heart – it’s not all bad! There are plenty of pros to working with subject matter experts, both for the SMEs themselves and for the training team. […]

Thank You: Webinar – Stop Struggling with SMEs: Essential Tactics for Efficient Knowledge Capture

Thanks For Your Interest in the Webinar! Click below to watch the webinar: Recommended Resources: To learn more about Peggy’s work and to see where you can purchase her books on working with SMEs and knowledge capture, check out her website. Plus, don’t forget to download the complete toolkit: The Secret Formula for Working with […]

Webinar Recording – Stop Struggling with SMEs: Essential Tactics for Efficient Knowledge Capture

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Toolkit: The Secret Formula for Working with SMEs

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Subject matter experts (SMEs) are absolutely essential to the development of effective, in-depth learning experiences. Training teams rely heavily on their input, and with today’s tools and technology, many SMEs are becoming more heavily involved in the course design process with guidance and feedback from the learning pros. But, like any cross-functional team, working with […]

Thank You: Toolkit – The Secret Formula for Working with SMEs

Thanks For Your Interest in the Toolkit! Download the full kit here: Download

Herding Cats: How to Improve Relations with SMEs on Learning Projects

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Should you give your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) a deadline? Of course—she is a team member like everyone else. Should you create a unique user ID for your SME so that she can access your authoring tool? Hmmm—that’s a tough one, as this might incur additional expenses. Questions about working with SMEs arise from time […]

6 Things You Need to Know About Working with SMEs on a Training Project


We write about working with subject matter experts (SMEs) from time to time, in order to share experiences and new insights. SMEs may not be instructional designers but without their expertise, courses cannot be built. With the explosion in the need for learning experiences, the ability to work successfully with SMEs has become of the […]

Digital Transformation in L&D: Digitizing Knowledge Capture from SMEs

New technology, consumer expectations, and a rapidly changing business landscape have been driving digital transformation for some years now. But for one reason or another, the adoption rate of digital transformation in certain sectors and companies has been slower than expected.  However, shifts in market forces and the macro environment have become so unpredictable (the […]