Imagine if your organization had the connection of the human brain, 100 trillion synapses working in tandem to effectively share knowledge. With Synapse, anyone in the organization can design training and transfer knowledge to the right employees – it’s that easy.

Design training systematically.

While most course creation solutions jump right into development, Synapse starts with design: who needs to learn what and why. Our platform intelligently guides your team, step-by-step, through a proven process that builds training around exact needs so your content is effective and easy to digest.

Transform knowledge into learning.

Equip your company experts, leaders, and top performers with a framework that automatically turns instructional design into a skill, rather than a specialized job role. Anyone can learn how to build robust training and become a valuable member of your training squad.

Collaborate smarter and faster.

Bring your team together from anywhere in the world. Streamline how to manage inbound training requests to defining requirements, learning objectives, curating content, and more. Synapse helps everyone become more productive, less stressed, and a lot happier.

Build training at lightning speed.

Upload or embed content from within your organization or across the web. Synapse supports over 400 content types from assessments, videos, text, audio, slideshows, music, gifs, and more. Your content is always modularized, making assembly and revisions a breeze.

Make insightful decisions.

Leverage visual prototypes and design blueprints to optimize your training projects, or access analytics to keep you informed about learner engagement and more. Downloadable reports let you measure success and share metrics with stakeholders.

Keep your data safe.

Synapse takes security seriously and hosts data on the world-class Amazon Web Services cloud with enterprise-level security, compliance, and multiple security checkpoints to protect your data. Live support is always standing by.

Connect existing systems and apps.

Synapse works where your work happens. At the click of a button, you can easily export, share, or publish training to your LMS, LRS, HRIS, Authoring Tools, and more. You can also integrate with essential apps for cross-platform automation, social learning, and performance support.