Recognizing the need for training is easy, but knowing what to do and how to do it is the harder part. Synapse provides all the scaffolding and tools you need to build training quickly, easily, and effectively.

Build Training in One Place.

Manage multiple training projects in one place. Totally secure, amazingly simple and extremely reliable. 

Design Training Effectively.

Leverage best practices. Build training around goals to give employees access to the right knowledge and skills they need.

Curate Content and Unlock Knowledge.

Build rich and engaging training. Combine videos, images, gifs, text, audio, and other available content from within your company and third-party providers.

Streamline Collaborative Efforts.

Work more efficiently with subject matter experts, stakeholders, and clients. Shorten planning time and eliminate unnecessary meetings so you can focus on what’s important.

Preview the Experience.

Test the look and feel of your training. Create blueprints and prototypes, and then if you’d like, share your project to get early-buy-in and eliminate risk.

Get Live Support.

Get live support and gain access to our latest tools, tips, training, information, and resources that are designed to help you lead a productive, happy team.

Deploy Training Anywhere.

Leverage the power of share links and make training more accessible. Share on your LMS, SalesForce, LinkedIn, Slack, Website, or anywhere else. We make training mobile-friendly and available everywhere.