4 Ways to Encourage Training Project Commitment from Your SMEs

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): we need their content to build our courses. We may have the most advanced authoring tools or the most engaging design elements in place, but without content, there’s no course. We’ve written before about working with SMEs, and we thought it was time to have another look at the best ways […]

How to Manage Training Projects and Work With SMEs Remotely

remote training projects

Remote working has transformed the learning landscape. We’ve previously covered the way the delivery of training has changed and how to keep employees engaged. But the new landscape also has implications for the way training teams manage training projects and create new learning experiences.  Managing training projects remotely may be a completely new experience for […]

How Rapid Course Design and Effective Collaboration with SMEs Was the Recipe for Successful Training at BJ Services

BJ services case study

The oil industry is highly cyclical and this has consequences for how companies must handle their personnel requirements. This employment pattern naturally results in high employee turnover, so learning and development courses are primarily focused on practical, on-the-job performance. Managing the up or downswing in market activities while providing effective learning solutions presents certain challenges […]

Case Study: How Rapid Course Design and Effective Collaboration with SMEs Was the Recipe for Successful Training at BJ Services

BJ services case study

Combining speed with quality is expected of L&D departments in today’s agile business environment. This expectation often means working extensively with SMEs. But SMEs are not instructional designers, and the software available for learning design often proves too complex for them to use effectively. The resulting frustration on both sides can make it difficult to […]

6 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Working with SMEs

working with SMEs

Working with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create training solutions is not always L&D’s favorite thing to do. But in an era of fast-paced, agile business strategies, working closely with SMEs to keep up with training demand has become a necessity for many corporate training departments. Collaboration across departments is often fraught with tensions, with […]

How can SMEs create quality instructor-led training?

instructor-led training by SMEs

It happens to the best of L&D teams – training requests come in and are rejected for one reason or another. Later, you discover that a subject matter expert or lone department are creating their own powerpoint instructor-led “training” on the fly.  You know that the quality of this training is not good enough to […]

Tips on How to Ramp SMEs in the Instructional Design Process

Subject matter experts (SMEs) and instructional designers can often misunderstand each other’s intentions when working together on learning projects. Find common ground and create a process that works for everyone.  One of biggest challenges we hear from learning and development leaders is working with SMEs to build courses. As organizations’ learning needs proliferate and technical and […]

Capacity Planning

Plan Team Capacity Get full visibility into who is available to take on work to ensure resources are assigned efficiently across projects. How Capacity Planning Improves Operational Efficiency Get a Real-Time Snapshot of Team Capacity Maintain visibility into whether your L&D team members are currently working over or under capacity and what their availability looks […]

How to Hand Pick the Best Subject Matter Experts for Your Training Project

best subject matter experts

Love ’em, hate ’em, the importance of subject matter experts (SMEs) and working with them cannot be overstated. Certainly, creating project timelines is important to maximize the SME’s time, but how do you go about sourcing the right-fit SME for a learning project in the first place? Some learning teams “inherit” experts. In some cases, the same […]

Thank You: eBook – User Generated Learning Content

You’re all set! You can access the eBook here at any time. User-Generated Learning Content: 5 Secrets for Making It Work for Your L&D Team and Your Learners Rein in rogue training content creation and make it work for your team and your learners instead. Download Now Did you know that Synapse’s built-in best practices […]