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Synapse works with the systems you already use and love. You can share, embed, export, and publish multiple formats of content such as PDFs, XML, and SCORM that plays with any eLearning software or LMS. The more you connect, the better it gets.

LMS / Export

Experience API (xAPI)

Capture and report learning data back from your eLearning content to your learning management system.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Export data into leading authoring tools and Learning Content Management Systems.


Export elearning content into SCORM-compliant packages that can be uploaded to your learning management system. Once uploaded, you can make updates to your content in Synapse and push those updates live to your LMS without havign to re-export and upload the SCORM package.



Collaborate on corporate training projects inside of Synapse and then Export XML and JSON files in the Adapt Authoring Tool for seamless hand-off to developers.

File Storage

Google Drive

Collaborate on files with your team by attaching files directly from Google Drive into Lesson Topics or Modules.

Microsoft OneDrive

Quickly attach Microsoft OneDrive files to Lesson Topics or Modules and make collaboration even easier.


Attach Box docs to Lesson Topics or Modules and upload content files to make collaboration a breeze.


Attach Dropbox to Synapse and upload content files to make collaboration a breeze.

Notifications / Messaging


Accomplish more by converting conversations inside of Synapse into notifications on Slack.

Microsoft Teams

Convert conversations into notifications on Microsoft Teams. You can also publish content from Synapse into Microsoft Teams, a new chat-based workspace.

Single Sign On

SAML Integration

Save time and improve compliance with Single Sign On. Benefit from SSO to Synapse through SAML.

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