Manage projects at scale.

Take control of your training content with a centralized dashboard that bring projects and stakeholders together from across the company even when your workforce is decentralized.

Standardize best practices.

Standardize brand guidelines and workflows so subject matter experts can execute consistently and minimize human error when working at scale.

Grow your team effectively.

Add and remove content designers, developers, suppliers, and subject matter experts as needed or assign them to different projects without any limitation.

Automate instructional design.

Streamline your front-end development process from training requests to needs analysis, design, content assembly, storyboarding, prototyping, version control, and content upkeep.

Collaborate smarter & faster.

Bridge silos, transfer knowledge, and make content review cycles more efficient by equipping your subject matter experts with an agile framework that keeps everyone focused and aligned.

Assemble high-quality user-generated content.

Upload and embed over 400 content types including videos, assessments, text, audio, slideshows, music, gifs, and more. Everything is modularized making updates a breeze.

Auto-Produce blueprints and online courses.

Automatically create blueprints for project-handoffs or publish mobile-responsive courses for microlearning and performance support. Data and reports help you learn precisely where your content can become even more efficient and effective.

Get live support as needed.

Tap into our team’s expertise while you work to ensure that your training projects are an absolute success.

Keep your training content safe.

Stop storing data in word, powerpoint, and excel files and work more securely with a platform that’s built with rigorous infrastructure, administrative procedures, and enterprise-level security.

“ Working with subject matter experts just became easy! Synapse enables my learning team to drastically cut the time it takes to produce and maintain content.”

   VP, L&D Envoy Mortgage