Manage Resources Efficiently Across Programs

Identify resources for learning projects to assign hours and team members based on priority and capacity. 

Capacity Planning

Cognota Enables You To Assign Resources To Projects Based On Workload And Availability

Understand Who Is Available To Take On More Work And Who Is Overloaded

View resource availability by role, time period, project or team. Quick reassign additional resources to high priority projects.

Prioritize Resources To Deliver Programs On Time

Assess capacity and due dates to reorganize resources to address programs that need immediate attention.

Manage & Assign Resources Effectively

Quickly and efficiently assign resources to existing and upcoming individual training projects based on the capacity of your team members.

Manage Your Entire Learning Operations

Access dashboards that drive action, tell compelling stories with data, and monitor your L&D operations automatically in real time.

Trusted by L&D and Training Teams


What else can Cognota do for you?

Streamline Project Planning

Easily view the status of all your projects and move them through various stages so you have full visibility into everything your team is working on.

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Automate Content Creation

Leverage built in best practices to enable anyone to automatically author content while working more efficiently with L&D stakeholders.

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Resources for your team.

Creating a high-performing training development process doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some tools, tips, and resources to help you lead a productive, happy team.

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