How Agile Really Works in Learning and Development

Curiosity can be a good thing, especially as it relates to Agile. Some have heard of it and think it’s only for software engineering teams. For others, it’s just the latest corporate buzzword. Of course, it’s neither. Agile Learning has the potential to transform the way L&D teams develop and …

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training remote employees

Creating Connections: Tools for Training Remote Employees

Training remote employees can be just as effective and interactive as in-person sessions. And with advanced elearning solutions and software available for conducting instructor-led sessions remotely, there are plenty of tools out there to conduct an effective distance learning program. So, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of …

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remote training projects

How to Manage Training Projects and Work With SMEs Remotely

Remote working has transformed the learning landscape. We’ve previously covered the way the delivery of training has changed and how to keep employees engaged. But the new landscape also has implications for the way training teams manage training projects and create new learning experiences.  Managing training projects remotely may be …

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agile learning hurdles

Common Agile Learning Hurdles and How to Jump Them

As training teams begin to adopt Agile Learning methodologies, growing pains are inevitable. Agile Learning hurdles are just another part of the implementation process that must be addressed. Transitioning to a new format can be difficult for any professional, and not just those in learning and development. You’ll have to …

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distance learning

How to Keep Employees Engaged With Distance Learning

Now that corporate training departments have had to make some quick changes and decisions regarding their training programs, employees are also having to adapt to new ways of learning. Distance learning presents a few challenges. One of the most common is keeping learners engaged with the training, particularly for remote …

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virtual training

Virtual Training: The Do’s and Don’t’s

The transition to work from home continues to have an undeniable effect on the ability to deliver training to employees who are suddenly now working remotely. Some training has always been online: self-paced, accessible anytime, anywhere. However, some training that was once face-to-face now has to be delivered online—blindsiding everyone …

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