learning and development challenges

Top 10 Learning and Development Challenges for 2020

It’s been an exciting year for L&D. Learning technology continues to evolve, trends that have been predicted for years are starting to become an accessible reality, and numerous sources report the increasing recognition of L&D’s strategic importance to the organization. As we look ahead to 2020, the time is right …

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working with SMEs

6 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Working with SMEs

Working with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create training solutions is not always L&D’s favorite thing to do. But in an era of fast-paced, agile business strategies, working closely with SMEs to keep up with training demand has become a necessity for many corporate training departments. Collaboration across departments is …

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Learning in the Flow of Work: Fact or Fiction?

We’ve written previously about the importance of creating a culture of learning—an environment in which opportunities to learn become a natural part of the daily work of every employee throughout the organization. This ‘learning in the flow of work’ makes learning natural and unobtrusive. Learning shouldn’t disrupt the day’s work …

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instructor-led training by SMEs

How can SMEs create quality instructor-led training?

It happens to the best of L&D teams – training requests come in and are rejected for one reason or another. Later, you discover that a subject matter expert or lone department are creating their own powerpoint instructor-led “training” on the fly.  You know that the quality of this training …

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Making the Distinction Between Authoring and Design in Learning and Development

What is the difference between authoring and design in the learning and development process? Can L&D professionals both author and design a course?

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driving employee engagement

6 Marketing Tactics L&D Can Borrow to Drive Learner Engagement

You’ve put time, resources, and tons of energy into creating effective courses and learning paths for employees. But a training course is only as good as it’s adoption rate, and yours seem to be falling a little flat. It’s a common problem, and the blame doesn’t land squarely at the …

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