Which Agile Learning Methodology is Right for Your Training Team?

Learning and development teams have really begun to sit up and take notice of the benefits of Agile. But admiring from afar and actually implementing Agile methodologies and practices are two different things. If you’ve been thinking about adopting Agile for your training team, this guide is here to help. …

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capacity planning challenges

4 Capacity Planning Challenges in L&D (And How to Overcome Them)

Capacity planning may exist for your L&D team or it might be something you’ve never really considered. Either way, most training teams are estimating their availability to fulfill training requests with a quick mental calculation to see if they have room for more work. But guessing your team’s capacity only …

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Scrum for training development

Ready, Set, Scrum – Applying Scrum Methodology to Training Projects

If you have settled on the Scrum methodology to manage your Agile Learning training projects going forward – congratulations! You’ve chosen one of the most popular forms of Agile to incorporate into your training project teams. But before you dive into your first Sprint, it may be useful to get …

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Working with Subject Matter Experts: A Project Timeline

As learning needs escalate for organizations of all sizes, finding the best way to rapidly build courses and get them to learners is a challenge. Most course content is highly dependent on subject matter experts (SMEs). Their input is crucial, and even though a course might be built using well-designed …

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agile learning project team

How to Choose the Perfect Agile Learning Project Team

There’s no arguing with the fact that a shift from traditional project management techniques (or non-existent ones) to Agile can cause doubt and resistance amongst your team. People generally like sticking to what they know. So Agile Learning implementation is as much about effective change management as it is about …

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product backlog learning and development

Agile Learning: Managing Your Product Backlog in L&D

Getting the Agile Learning ball rolling takes a deep understanding of how the processes work. But also, the roles and responsibilities of each role on the project team. In many Agile frameworks (including the popular Scrum methodology) the Product Owner is responsible for defining a vision of what he or …

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