Synapse Announces Strategic Partnership with IBM Global Business Services to Offer an Integrated Solution for SAP SuccessFactors Clients

Synapse is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with IBM Global Business Services to provide an integrated solution for their SAP SuccessFactors clients. SAP SuccessFactors clients will be able to use Synapse to manage training intake and plan, design and rapidly collaborate on course creation right within the SAP SuccessFactors …

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training contractors

Should You Train Contractors? The Challenge of Delivering Training in Today’s Gig Economy

Should you build courses for employees who aren’t really employees? Today’s workplace looks much different than it did just even a few years ago. The growth of the gig economy has given the term “employee” a run for its money. An NPR/Marist poll from January 2018 found that 1 in 5 jobs …

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how to decline training requests

Letting Them Down Easy: How to Decline Training Requests

Rejecting training requests can be a little awkward. It’s especially so when the request is from a senior manager or if it’s not the first time this particular request has come through. Setting up meetings to explain each and every training request decision is a drag on time and resources, …

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Setting L&D Up for Success: From Training Request to Course Design

We’ve written before on the importance of standardizing training requests. But without an organized, proven process that aligns with the goals of the business, training requests remain haphazard and arbitrary. L&D need to find a way to structure their forms to facilitate an easy transition from training request to course …

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is it a training issue

Is it a Training Issue? 5 Critical Questions to Ask Requestors

How often have you heard a manager utter the phrase “we need to get training for X”? Probably quite often. How often have you then developed a course as requested, only to find that there is little to no performance improvement as a result? Part of the remit for L&D …

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Aligning Training Project Intake to Business Strategy

With any employee being able to initiate a request for training project intake, the L&D department can quickly become overwhelmed. Nowadays, every employee feels empowered and enabled to seek training in order to do his or her job better. Knowing that L&D is considered a strategic resource within an organization, …

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