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What Is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics, often in non-game contexts, to engage users in solving problems. It’s essentially the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications. Game elements can include rounds, stages or levels, simulations, the collection of items of value, the gaining of points, …

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The 10 Best eLearning Conferences for L&D Leaders

As learning and development leaders, you know that a core part of staying on your game is practicing what you preach and taking the time to learn and develop in your role, and that includes attending the best elearning conferences around. And because they provide such excellent opportunities to learn, it’s no surprise that …

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What Is eLearning?

Elearning is the delivery of training or education through digital methods. Both the content and delivery are digital, generally accessed via devices or platforms of the learner’s choosing.  With today’s global and remote workforces, elearning is often the only training option available, as instructor-led training can be costly and inconvenient. …

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New Synapse Feature: Advanced Assessments!

Assessments are often the expected conclusion to a course, class or training program. However, that same expectation has often led to generic question types, summative testing and delayed feedback. Assessments should be used as a way to ask learners to demonstrate what they’ve learned, and technology is continuing to enable …

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6 Steps to Smarter Training Intake by L&D

The importance of training requests and how you process them cannot be understated. The information you capture during training intake will inform everything else that follows. A mistake or misinterpretation at this stage could cost you precious time when you have to correct the problem further down the line. The …

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What is adaptive learning?

Adaptive learning is the concept of using technology to create personalized learning experiences in an online environment. Although it has been a topic of discussion in learning and development for some time, it has been finding greater success in the corporate training environment recently as more tools and technology have …

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