types of SMEs

Why did the SME cross the road?

The punchline? They didn’t – and they won’t. Selecting the right subject matter expert for your training project is only half the battle. Once you know who you want to work with, you need to get them on board. Not only that, but you need to make sure they stay …

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national lazy day

National Lazy Day: 5 “Lazy” Instructional Design Tips

Ever heard the phrase “don’t work hard, work smart”? It’s not about shirking duties or cutting corners, it’s about finding the most logical and efficient way to get done what needs to be done.  Well, to celebrate today’s National Lazy Day, we’ve put together some “lazy” instructional design tips to …

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training intake system

More Than Just a Training Request Form: You Need a Training Intake System

A training intake system is important to understand the needs of your learners across the organization. Its goal is more than simply to serve as a digital repository of training requests left as Post-It notes or casual conversations during a meeting.  A proper training intake system can, in some ways, …

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5 Training Project Management Tips for More Effective Course Creation

The lifeblood of course creation is the team that builds it. Without proper and effective collaboration and project management in place, the course will not be developed effectively, leading to learner disappointment and lower ROI. Teams certainly need to harness the right project management tools and software in order to …

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resource management in learning and development

The 8 Secrets of Effective Resource Management in L&D

Effective resource management in learning and development is one of the most important elements in delivering training projects on time, on budget, and to the expected quality. But resource management takes a little bit more expertise than blindly assigning instructional designers and SMEs to whatever training project comes up next. …

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SME working on a training project

How to Set Up Subject Matter Experts for Success on Training Projects

We continue to focus on helping L&D teams optimize the course building process. It’s imperative that the process of building learning experiences proves valuable for all stakeholders, including the outsiders temporarily brought in to help build that course—namely, subject matter experts (SMEs). No two course projects are identical. Indeed, what …

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