new learning technology

How to Win Internal Buy-In for New Learning Technology

Whether you’ve been asked to find a new solution, or you’ve stumbled across some software that you just know would do wonders for your team, convincing those with the actual purchasing power isn’t always the simplest of tasks. If the purse strings are in someone else’s hands and they’re the …

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learning and development challenges

Top 10 Learning and Development Challenges for 2020

Personalization, automation, mobility: we’ve taken a look at the top 10 learning and development challenges for leaders in 2020.

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working with SMEs

6 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Working with SMEs

Working with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create training solutions is not always L&D’s favorite thing to do. But in an era of fast-paced, agile business strategies, working closely with SMEs to keep up with training demand has become a necessity for many corporate training departments. Collaboration across departments is …

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Learning in the Flow of Work: Fact or Fiction?

Learning in the flow of work makes sense because learning should be a natural part of the employee’s workday.

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instructor-led training by SMEs

How can SMEs create quality instructor-led training?

It happens to the best of L&D teams – training requests come in and are rejected for one reason or another. Later, you discover that a subject matter expert or lone department are creating their own powerpoint instructor-led “training” on the fly.  You know that the quality of this training …

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Making the Distinction Between Authoring and Design in Learning and Development

What is the difference between authoring and design in the learning and development process? Can L&D professionals both author and design a course?

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