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We’ve Got a New Name! Synapse is Now Cognota.

We couldn’t be more excited to share the news that we’ve changed our company name to Cognota. This change has been in the works for quite a bit and was a big decision. But we …

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Meet Cognota: The Next Step for Cognota and L&D Teams

We’ve released our most comprehensive update yet to give learning and development (L&D) teams the functionality they need to implement, manage and scale learning operations across their organizations. To reflect this step — as well …

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elearning project plan templateselearning project plan templates

5 Downloadable eLearning Project Plan Templates

Project Plan Templates to Keep eLearning on Track How do you know what everyone is working on, and when it is due? Project management tools and technology have been around for quite some time and …

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ara cruz people ops and culture intro

Introducing Our New VP, People Ops & Culture: Ara Cruz

We’ve worked hard as a team at Cognota to create a strong culture and lay the foundation for successfully striving towards our shared goals together. Now that the team is growing (and growing quickly!), the …

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man at desk with laptop calculating roi

How to Calculate and Maximize Training ROI

Any initiative should have a return on investment—or why go through with the project in the first place? When the performance of people is involved, it’s difficult to know whether the training worked. Leaders would …

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training project resources calculator

The Complete Guide to Efficient Training Operations

L&D teams certainly want learners to learn, but could making their training operations more efficient help drive better outcomes? Efficiency in business is certainly nothing new, and increasing efficiency in training operations can improve the …

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