How to Use Microlearning Principles for Rapid Course Design

Microlearning has become a lasting trend in learning and development circles and is being leveraged by an increasing number of corporate training teams. It’s popularity stems from its ability to help L&D overcome many training challenges in today’s digital world and rapidly changing business environment. The design trend also helps …

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project readiness

Training Intake and Project Readiness: Advice from the Experts

Last week, we welcomed Laura Doerr, Senior & Lead Project Manager at eLearning Brothers, for a webinar called “Transforming Your Training Intake Process for Successful Course Launch.” Laura shared her framework for setting your training project team up for success long before project kick-off – a framework she calls “Readiness.” …

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How Do You Know Agile is Right for Your Learning Organization?

You’ve read the blog posts, downloaded the eBooks, watched the videos, heard the testimonials, and you’ve finally decided to adopt Agile Learning into your organization. However, before you completely dive in, how do you know if it’s right for your team or even organization? Well, Agile Learning is right for …

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moving training online

Moving Training Online: 6 Tips for a Speedy Transition

In times of uncertainty, businesses must quickly adapt to meet new needs and challenges that are surfaced. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has caused temporary upheaval in how we work, and how we learn, in today’s workplace. Studies show that by 2017, as many as 77% of companies were using …

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All-round Agile: How to Develop an Agile Learning Culture in Your Organization

So you’ve decided that you want your learning and development team to adopt Agile Learning and incorporate its methodologies into your course development. While we’ve provided tips on how to get started with Agile, there’s more to consider. Embracing Agile should represent a pursuit among not only your team members …

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agile learning design

Understanding the Agile Learning Design Process

While Agile Learning has become a popular term amongst learning professionals, the step-by-step process of how it looks in practice isn’t always clear. That’s because there isn’t a singularly defined approach to Agile when it comes to learning design. Instead, several leaders in instructional design have created models and methodologies …

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