scrum master

The Role of the Scrum Master on Agile Learning Teams

When discussing the implementation of Agile, the term Scrum often comes into play. Scrum is one of many frameworks used to implement an Agile process. Put another way, Agile is the philosophy and Scrum is the methodology, or the specific set of rules to follow. According to, Scrum allows teams …

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capacity planning benefits

Meeting Training Demand: 5 Benefits of Capacity Planning for L&D

Launching a training program or taking on new projects without proper capacity planning often results in missed deadlines, an overworked team, and less effective training solutions for your learners. And with increasing pressure on L&D to deliver performance-driving learning experiences, it’s crucial to understand the exact availability of your resources …

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Why You Should Encourage Employees to Submit Training Requests

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was some way you could demonstrate to senior management that L&D is not a group of order takers, but rather a team of analysts and evaluators on the pulse of EVERY learning experience under consideration across the organization? Does this sound too good to …

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capacity planning

Spot the Difference: Capacity Planning Vs. Resource Planning in L&D

Most learning and development professionals will have tales of training project nightmares. Whether it’s due to missed deadlines, a team that’s constantly overworked and under pressure, or struggling to say “no” to training projects for which there simply aren’t enough resources. When your team is constantly working well beyond capacity, …

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Tweaks to Your Training Request Process That Will Increase Learner Engagement

You’ve worked so hard to build a training intake system. But apart from delivering you more requests, is it making your learners more engaged? We’ve written extensively before about the need to streamline the training request process. Not only does a well-planned, automated system reduce paperwork and headaches, but it …

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agile learning and rapid content development

2 for 1: Using Agile Learning for Rapid Content Development

There are a few different interpretations of the term rapid content development out there. But the most common is the quick creation of elearning content using authoring tools created for rapid design.  The nature of rapid content development means Agile Learning aligns perfectly with the goal of rapid content creation …

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