ASU + GSV Summit

Digital “Roadtrip”! Synapse is Heading to the ASU + GSV (Virtual) Summit

The last few months have been hard on us here at Synapse. We love nothing better than hitting the road to go and meet L&D folks at some of the amazing events we’re lucky enough to attend around the world every year. Obviously, that’s just not on the cards at …

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Agile Learning Champion

4 Ways to Become an Agile Learning Champion in Your Organization

What’s the best way to show off your expertise and become an Agile Learning champion? By teaching it to others, of course. While we’ve written extensively about how to incorporate Agile Learning methodologies into individual learning projects, L&D should take every opportunity to establish their position as organizational leaders. So, …

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How to Stick to Instructional Design Principles in Challenging Training Situations

As any instructional designer or learning professional will tell you, instructional design principles are at the heart of all impactful learning experiences. But sticking resolutely to instructional design best practices can sometimes be at odds with organizational needs. In times of great change, the onus is on L&D to pick …

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improved productivity

What Learning Leaders Need to Know About Training Intake, Resource Planning and Improved Productivity

Planning your training team’s resource needs and the correct allocation of those resources can be such a headache. It’s rarely accurate and often doesn’t take into account all those unexpected surprises that can crop up, from budget freezes to staff turnover.  So, if you haven’t managed to get your resource …

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capacity planning optimization

How to Optimize Capacity Planning for Stronger Learning Outcomes

We’ve written previously about capacity planning as it relates to L&D. From strategic planning to cost reduction to skills management, benefits abound. However, capacity planning is certainly not without its challenges. Many L&D teams have become overwhelmed recently with sudden business disruptions and shifting business priorities. Below are a few …

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agile learning success

4 Ways to Measure the Success of Agile Learning

Agile Learning implementation can be time-consuming and take a lot of dedication. So, once you’re up and running, it’s understandable that you’ll want to realize the benefits ASAP. But to articulate how and why your Agile Learning processes are beneficial, you’ll need structured KPIs to measure results in a meaningful …

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