What Is Agile Learning?

Agile learning, or agile instructional design, refers to any approach to content development that focuses on speed, flexibility, and collaboration. Agile is a term usually associated with software development. But as the speed of business increases, other business functions have adopted agile techniques to help them pivot quickly with market …

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training intake analytics

9 Training Intake Metrics You Need to Start Tracking

Learning and development have been a little late to the party in terms of big data, analytics, and implementing data-driven strategies. But as interest in the function grows, especially among executive management, learning pros are looking for bigger and better ways to report on their organizational impact. Training intake metrics …

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Rejecting Training Requests Doesn’t Have to be All or Nothing

We realize that you cannot do it all. Previously in this blog, we’ve covered how to decline a request. We’ve also discussed what questions to add to a training request intake form so that you can, early on, have a better idea of which training you will most likely need …

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external training

Evaluating Requests for External Training Solutions: When You Can’t Do It All

Evaluating training requests can be overwhelming—even when you have to say no. While there can be a process for declining training requests, you should also have a plan in place to provide contingency training: those external resources that would make for a perfect fit for your employees when the L&D …

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The Top Training Solutions Employees Want in the Modern Workplace

You can spend all the time in the world overhauling your corporate training strategies and building new courses. But if you’re not building what the learners actually want, employee engagement will continue to be an issue and you won’t get optimal results.  Listening to your learner market is imperative. And …

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How to Handle Training Requests from Executive Management

Whew! You just overhauled your training intake system so that requests can enter your department digitally, in an organized and categorized fashion. You and your team are so proud to have implemented the system. It asks the requester questions, not only about the topics or concepts to be learned in …

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