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training budget calculations

Training Budgets: How to Set, Optimize, and Track Them

Your training budget needs to be more than a shot in the dark, but how can you go about calculating it and producing an accurate prediction of your training costs? Not only will those approving …

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learning and development strategy framework

L&D Strategy Frameworks: Components + Examples

A learning and development strategy framework is a critical tool for organizations seeking to develop and implement effective employee training and development programs. A framework provides a plan and structured approach for the systems and …

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goal examples for training and development

20+ Training & Development Goal Examples for L&D

Training and development are critical components of any organization’s success. With rapidly evolving industries and markets, keeping up with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices is essential.  Organizations that invest in training and development …

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building a learning and development program

How to Build a Successful Learning and Development Program

Effective learning and development programs are essential to the success of any organization. As the landscape of technology and the workforce constantly evolves, learning and development professionals must continuously improve and innovate their programs to …

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cognota feature updates feb 2023

Cognota Feature Update: Individual Workspaces & Other Improvements

We’re always striving to ensure our LearnOps® platform meets the needs of today’s learning and development teams, enabling them to work efficiently and drive impact across the organization. From training intake to planning and managing …

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creating different training request forms

3 Reasons To Create Different Request Forms

Last month, our team shared some benefits of segmenting your Training Intake Form and we got a lot of good feedback on the topic. This month, we want to share three practical reasons why you’d …

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