New Synapse Feature: L&D Team Capacity Planning

synapse capacity planning board

Manage the Resources and Capacity of Your Training Team in Just a Few Clicks When you have multiple training projects on the go and more requests for training coming to your L&D team every week, it becomes extremely challenging to maintain visibility. You may be left wondering: What is your team currently working on? Do […]

How to Disrupt Training Complacency in Your Workforce

training complacency

You’ve worked so hard to build a learning culture in your organization but sometimes, well, things get quiet. Or boring. There could very well be training complacency in your organization—not necessarily dissatisfaction—but perhaps a feeling that because everything is going well, there’s no need to make a change. Even if everyone is receiving the training […]

The Top 7 Skills an L&D Project Manager Needs

training project manager skills

Owning and managing a training project is a difficult job. Learning and development professionals often find themselves tasked with running a project with little or no experience in project management. When you’re dealing with cross-functional teams, stakeholders from different business units, and multiple subject matter experts, it can feel like an overwhelming task. Selecting a […]

Conducting an L&D Audit: Learning Operations

L&D audit operational efficiency

Prior to the events of 2020, the outlook for L&D was looking extremely promising. Budgets were going up, L&D teams felt they were getting a seat at the table, and the reputation of learning programs was starting to move from cost-center to performance driver. But few could have predicted just how rapidly things could shift […]

Conducting an L&D Audit: Assessing and Calculating Team Capacity

calculating training team capacity

In this installment of our L&D Audit series, you’ll learn how to calculate and audit your training team’s capacity. In a recent update to an ongoing ATD study on the time it takes to create training, the researchers added some survey questions to the study. They asked respondents to name the top barriers to faster […]

Conducting an L&D Audit: Learning Audiences & Learner Personas

learner persona audit

In this installment of our L&D Audit series, you’ll learn how, why, and when to audit and refresh your learner personas. Design thinking is a concept that has piqued the interest of learning professionals for some time. With concerns such as learner engagement and driving performance top of mind for L&D, design thinking and taking […]

Ask the Experts: Digital Transformation in L&D

digital transformation expert l&d

In a survey in 2019, 70% of respondents said their organization was either in the midst of their digital transformation plan or was putting one in place. There’s no doubt that events in 2020 ramped up the level of urgency around the implementation of digital transformation. But how do those strategies and plans translate into […]

Happy Birthday to Us! Celebrating 6 Years of Synapse

birthday cupcake

Today marks six years of Synapse growing and maturing into the company, culture and product that it is today. We’re so proud of how far we’ve come and so excited to see what the next six years holds too! In celebration of this birthday, we’re taking a little trip down memory lane to look back […]

4 Simple Ways to Convert a Powerpoint to SCORM

powerpoint to scorm

One of the most common tasks an L&D team undertakes is the conversion of Powerpoint presentations into formats that are suitable for eLearning delivery. We hear about it from clients all the time. In fact, it’s so prevalent that our client success team recently wrote an article about how to leverage Synapse to convert and […]

What is Agile Instructional Design Methodology?

agile instructional design team on a video call

As learning designers look to respond more quickly to the training needs of the business, many are turning their attention to the potential of working under an Agile instructional design methodology. As a philosophy, Agile enables teams to work faster and more collaboratively so that they can quickly deliver and iterate on market-ready products. While […]