Aligning Training Project Intake to Business Strategy

With any employee being able to initiate a request for training project intake, the L&D department can quickly become overwhelmed. Nowadays, every employee feels empowered and enabled to seek training in order to do his or her job better. Knowing that L&D is considered a strategic resource within an organization, more employees and managers are […]

Top Learning and Development Trends to Expect in 2020

learning and development challenges

Want to see expected trends for 2021? Check out this more up-to-date post on learning and development trends for 2021. We here at Synapse have our fingers on the pulse. So, we’ve been looking at what learning and development trends L&D leaders should be anticipating for 2020. One thing is certain: technology continues to play […]

Why Training Intake Processes Are Failing L&D


Employees are more empowered than ever. They want to choose their own devices, physical work location, and other components of their work lives. They also want to choose their own training. But current training intake processes are limiting the potential for L&D to provide the best value possible to stakeholders. Traditionally, rank-and-file employees couldn’t make […]

The Training Intake Process: A Practical Guide


As employees continue to ask for training in the workplace—94 percent of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in helping them learn, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report—L&D departments can quickly become overwhelmed. Further, employees don’t just want any training—they want to be able to choose the learning […]

Top 10 Learning and Development Challenges for 2020

learning and development challenges

It’s been an exciting year for L&D. Learning technology continues to evolve, trends that have been predicted for years are starting to become an accessible reality, and numerous sources report the increasing recognition of L&D’s strategic importance to the organization. As we look ahead to 2020, the time is right to start assessing the top […]

Learning in the Flow of Work: Fact or Fiction?


We’ve written previously about the importance of creating a culture of learning—an environment in which opportunities to learn become a natural part of the daily work of every employee throughout the organization. This ‘learning in the flow of work’ makes learning natural and unobtrusive. Learning shouldn’t disrupt the day’s work but rather enhance and even […]

Learning and Development in Healthcare: Training for Patient Safety and Compliance

learning and development healthcare

The needs of learning and development in healthcare are dramatically different from those of other industries, making for unique challenges for the talent development field. Patient-provider interactions—and the environments in which they take place—vary widely. Technologies are updated frequently, requiring constant upgrading of systems and training of staff and contractors. Further, privacy regulations like HIPAA […]