5 Warning Signs Your Training Project Is In Trouble

A project manager’s job is to make sure that tasks are getting completed and on time. It is also the project manager’s job to make sure that team members have access to all of the resources needed to complete these tasks, and that communications channels are open.  However, projects often hit a snag, and a […]

4 eLearning Assessment Examples and Why They Work

More than just a way to prove that learners passed or completed a course, assessments play a key role in measuring the capacity of your learners to grasp your course material and apply what they’ve learned on the job.  By combining different test and quiz options, and at different intervals of the course—not just at the […]

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Project Management for Training Development

The world of work today is defined by project management. Every job we do can be broken down into a series of projects, with associated team members, deadlines, and resources. While project management used to be seen as a standalone skill or process, it is now baked into everything across the organization. However, is project […]

What is a Training Needs Analysis or Needs Assessment?

A training needs analysis lays the necessary groundwork for determining your organization’s true needs and how your employees can best receive and benefit from the required training. As with any process, having a solid foundation can help ensure success. What is a training needs analysis or needs assessment? A training needs assessment is a process […]

5 Reasons Empathy Training is Critical to Organizational Success

empathy training

As the pandemic continues, organizations have come to accept that the new way of working could very well serve as a blueprint for the long term. However, the “new” world of work is hardly new. Even before the current crisis, new technologies like automation and artificial intelligence have continued to disrupt jobs because employees lack […]

Why Change Management Needs Learning and Development

change management

Change management might seem like a vague term used by business schools or consulting firms to warn about the need to prepare for the unknown. Drivers of change can include a multitude of factors, including new competitors, the obsolescence of technology, recent government mandates, and even a pandemic. Most people fear the unknown. Because change […]

13 Learning and Development Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

When it comes to trends in learning, we here at Synapse have our fingers on the pulse. We digest dozens if not hundreds of sources on a regular basis to determine what strategies, resources, time, and budgets learning leaders are committing to the development and delivery of learning experiences for their learners. In doing so, […]

5 Areas You Might Have Missed in Your 2021 L&D Strategy

2021 L&D strategy

As the pandemic continues into 2021, and organizations are continuing their march towards increasing online learning and engagement, there are still a few areas that require a deeper look or a more comprehensive perspective when it comes to your 2021 L&D strategy. More than simply launching initiatives and jumpstarting new processes, a robust strategy must […]

6 Learning and Development Trends in 2021: Finding Opportunity in Change

learning and development trends in 2021

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that 2020 didn’t quite turn out the way we expected. While 2020 was the year of massive change and flux, it’s likely that the ripples will be felt well into 2021. In fact, the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, communicate, and learn. […]

How to Ace Your Skills Gap Analysis

As its name implies, a skills gap analysis is a process by which an organization determines what gaps exist between employees’ current skills and the skills considered necessary or even critical for the organization to reach its current and future goals. This is no simple task. The process itself requires widescale participation and the results […]