5 eLearning Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

eLearning trends 2022

Times are a-changing and it seems that nothing digital ever stays still. New technology and digital experiences are emerging all the time and having an affect on the way we live, work, and communicate. While there are many L&D trends to expect in the year ahead, some are more specific to eLearning in particular. In […]

7 Learning and Development Trends for 2022

learning trends 2022

We were hoping that 2021 would bring us back to normal, but that didn’t quite work out as expected. Instead, as the effects of the pandemic linger on and a due date for the complete return to the office is anyone’s guess, L&D teams continue to figure out how to enable their organizations to thrive […]

5 Common Mistakes Made in Upskilling and Reskilling

upskilling and reskilling programs

While the skills gap has been underway for several years—companies need employees with a very specific skillset and are often unwilling to hire employees without them—skills are becoming redundant more quickly than ever before.  While the pandemic fueled rapid, mass digitization of processes in companies across all industries, organizations have been struggling to keep up. […]

Is Your Training Program Leaking Precious Budget and Resources?

training team efficiency with resources

Training budgets have always been under strain, but thanks to the pandemic, the situation has become especially challenging. According to human capital analyst firm Brandon Hall Group, at the end of 2019, only 13% of companies said they were facing a decrease in the L&D budget. However, in July 2021, 40% said they had seen […]

How to Develop a Process for Prioritizing Training Initiatives

prioritizing training requests

Hooray! You launched your training intake system. Requests are piling in, and you and the team are thrilled with the response rate and degree of interest in this new system. However, there’s one big problem: you’re overwhelmed with training requests. While being bombarded with requests at launch is understandable, continuing to experience high volumes could […]

How to Use the Kirkpatrick Model Effectively for Learning Measurement

kirkpatrick model blog

The Kirkpatrick Model is perhaps the best known model for analyzing and evaluating the results of training programs.  The Kirkpatrick Model measures training effectiveness on four levels of criteria: Level 1 Reaction  Measures how participants react to the training — i.e., satisfaction, comfort level Level 2 Learning  Analyzes whether learners truly understood the training — […]

How Does Employees’ Screen Fatigue Affect Your eLearning Performance?

While eLearning and remote meetings were already well underway long before the arrival of the pandemic, the delivery method is not without its issues: employees report that they have experienced screen fatigue. The Psychiatric Times points to audio as the main reason that video meetings are draining. Even millisecond delays in virtual verbal responses negatively […]

Leadership Competencies in a Post-Covid World and How to Train Them

post covid leadership skills

As pandemic uncertainty looms and no organization is quite sure what the return to normal might look like, leadership post-Covid is going to require a new set of skills that were not necessarily in demand—much less even considered—just 18 months ago. While some of these might seem obvious, others aren’t quite so. It’s safe to […]

The Great Resignation: Plugging the Leadership Skills Gap

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that 4.3 million workers left their jobs in August of 2021, while another report predicted that 55% of workers will seek new roles in the following 12 months. This historic trend has been coined “The Great Resignation” and it’s been going on for some time. Resignations peaked […]

How to Hand Pick the Best Subject Matter Experts for Your Training Project

best subject matter experts

Love ’em, hate ’em, the importance of subject matter experts (SMEs) and working with them cannot be overstated. Certainly, creating project timelines is important to maximize the SME’s time, but how do you go about sourcing the right-fit SME for a learning project in the first place? Some learning teams “inherit” experts. In some cases, the same […]