Who We Are

We noticed how corporations struggle to meet best practices when developing training. The process is too complicated and time-consuming.

That’s why we created Synapse, the world’s leading Learning Design System, so you can automate and streamline your training development process and keep pace with business.

Standardize best practices and get a proven framework that lets you collaborate on tasks like training requests, needs analysis, instructional design, storyboarding, prototyping, course development and more – all from one place.

Our goal is to help you take what you know about your business and put it to work in the most responsive, effective, and efficient way.

Management Team

Ryan Austin


Kristy Sadler

Chief Marketing Officer

Lumi Adewumi

VP, Engineering

Rebecca McDougall

Director, Client Success

Mark Hellinger

Chief Product Officer

Trusted Advisors

Nick Howe

Chief Learning Officer, Area9 Learning

Image result for dave sikora

David Sikora


Bror Saxberg

VP Learning Science, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative


Our Values

  • Integrity
    For us, integrity is a twin value.  There’s the integrity of character that’s all about honesty, truthfulness, consistency and service—doing what’s right and best for our clients and one another.  And there’s structural integrity that’s all about soundness—not only in our products and services but in the decisions we make.
  • Transparency
    We thrive on open communication. For both our team and our partners, transparency means no hidden agendas along with all necessary information and communications channels to maximize collaboration, cooperation, and effective decision-making. When it’s easy for everyone to see and understand what and why actions are taken, good things happen.
  • Innovation
    Innovation is fueled by creativity and creativity by the drive to seek new approaches and embrace problems as opportunities.  As we are confronted by the complexities of the world or just a project with a new or novel problem, our “live outside the box/give it a shot/ask and look differently” philosophy is what gets us through.
  • Learning
    We’re a learning company.  Curiosity, exploration, change, and mastery is in our DNA. So is learning from our mistakes.  We want our clients to be better and smarter.  That goes for us, too.  The more we learn, the more we know.  The more we know, the more we can learn.
  • Teamwork
    Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” We couldn’t agree more. We believe working as a team promotes trust and respect, fosters creativity and some sensible risk-taking, encourages doing and being your best, and inspires learning from one another. Teamwork. That’s where and how our values come together.
  • Accountability
    While it’s all about teamwork, for us it’s also all about achieving your personal best. Team members own their pieces of the business. They are accountable and are encouraged to go for it whether it’s learning from mistakes, hitting their goal, or exceeding it.
  • Fun
    OK, we know our work is serious, but we also know that a business that embraces fun and levity has a greater likelihood of success. Research shows that when employees report that their workplace is “fun,” that organization’s levels of productivity, camaraderie, and commitment go up.  We love that data. We are that data.

Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Synapse® has come a long way and are excited for what’s next! See what got us to where we are today and where we’re headed.

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June-Sept 2015

Ryan Austin, Josh Crohn, and Sebastian Leks co-found Synapse and accept residency at the EDGE EdTech accelerator program in New York City to develop their platform.

Oct-Dec 2015

Synapse acquires its first SaaS enterprise client.

Dec 2015

Synapse graduates from EDGE EdTech and attracts top investors. Read More

Feb 2016

Synapse attracts the top minds in corporate learning and forms its advisory board: Bror Saxberg, Nick Howe, Paul Sheppard, Doug Lynch, Nick Schacht, Stephen Gass, and Dave Sikora.

Oct 2016

Synapse launches an early BETA to an exclusive group of learning professionals.

Nov – Dec 2016

Synapse is honored as the winner of Learning 2016’s Barracuda Bowl, citing disruptive innovation that provides support to learning designers.

Read More

April 2017

Synapse launches its first public release.

“I really like the layout and how the process is much more streamlined than my current situation. I like that my team has everything in one place.”

–Director, L&D

November 2018

Synapse relocates its headquarters to Toronto, Canada.


Stronger than ever, Synapse is redefining how to automate the training development process.


We’ve learned. We’ve grown. We’re learning and growing. Join our team and help us automate the training development process.


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