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How Synapse Works

Manage Training Requests

Synapse provides an intake system that lets you crowdsource training ideas from employees, clients, and partners. Your content will always be aligned to business and learner needs providing a strong return on investment.

Streamline Project Planning

Synapse digitizes efforts so you can increase efficiency and move away from spreadsheets, word docs, and manual processes. You minimize errors, stakeholders align to objectives, and your content is consistently produced with best practices.

Collaborate with Agile Design

Synapse guides everyone, step-by-step, through an instructional design framework to minimize administrative tasks between designers, subject matter experts, and stakeholders. Your team will know what to do, when to do it, and dramatically reduce time and costs.

Auto-Produce Content

Synapse takes your team’s project decisions and auto-produces blueprints, storyboards, and prototypes for seamless handoffs to developers/vendors, or at the click of a button, publishes fully responsive courses that work on any device. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a specialist.

Publish Anytime, Anywhere

Synapse works with the systems you already use and love so there is no need for change. Share, embed, export, and publish SCORM – and Tin Can API – compliant content that plays with any eLearning software or LMS. The more you connect, the better it gets.

Other Features and Benefits

  • User-Generated Content

    Use modular and flexible “cards” to upload/embed 400+ content types including text, video, audio, assessments, and more.

  • Task Management

    Assign tasks and receive notifications to deliver your projects on time and within budget.

  • Reuse Content

    Copy and paste content between lessons and courses to increase your efficiency.

  • Version Control

    Track content changes and keep historical records of your projects in one place.

  • Centralized Dashboard

    Gain control of your content and segment courses by groups and filters.

  • Admin Controls

    Manage users, templates, workflows, branding guidelines and standardize your best practices.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Use feedback loops and data to learn precisely where content can become even more efficient and effective.

  • Best-in-Class Support

    Tap into our team’s expertise with live chat support, an online help center, and in-product videos.

  • Enterprise-Level Security

    Meet some of the most stringent security guidelines with SSO, Amazon SOC 2, and GDPR compliance.

  • Intuitive User Experience

    Know what to do and when to do it with in-product guidance and support – no training required.

Reduce turn time for all your training projects

“Working with subject matter experts just became easy! Synapse enables my learning team to drastically cut the time it takes to produce and maintain content.”

   VP, L&D Envoy Mortgage
  • Increased productivity and optimized resources.
  • Maximized budgets and designed content 25x faster.
  • Improved the quality of service provided to employees.
  • Better cross-functional collaboration, and improved team performance.
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Reduce time-to-market

Improve performance quality

Lower Costs
Reduce development costs


* Client results benchmarked against The Chapman Alliance Research Study.