Automate the instructional design process.

Synapse makes it possible for anyone to produce quality online training faster, better, and at lower costs than ever before.


Work at the speed of business.

  • Transform knowledge into training. Empower leaders and top performers to share information that makes your business better.

  • Build training at scale with best practices. You no longer have to be a specialist or an instructional expert.

  • Collaborate more efficiently with stakeholders. Work as a team to build training in days, not weeks or months.

  • Keep training relevant. Combine 400+ content types from inside your organization or across the web into engaging training material.

  • Make training flexible and accessible. Share in your LMS, on the Web, Slack, mobile devices, and everywhere else.

Design training for all your needs.

It’s ridiculously easy to use…get your team up to speed faster and working with greater confidence.


Reduce onboarding time, increase productivity, and keep up with expansion.


Provide consistent support, get results, and elevate the customer experience.


Reinforce best practices, accelerate performance, and close more deals.


Capture knowledge, disseminate information, and develop new competencies.