Keep Up With Training Demand

Synapse software lets you manage and prioritize training requests, standardize course design, and collaborate more effectively with subject matter experts, so you can work more efficiently.

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Keep up with training

Capture training needs and requirements, manage, approve or decline and prioritize training projects from a centralized location.

Maintain design standards to increase training effectiveness.

Synapse provides step-by-step guidance following best practices in adult learning theory to ensure your instructional design is sound. Capture requirements, establish goals, write learning objectives, and identify proper assessments.

Streamline processes and
improve collaboration.

Designers, trainers and subject matter experts can take an agile approach to course development, providing feedback and insights as required. Assign tasks and due dates so collaborators know exactly what is expected.

Accelerate course

Synapse’s Learning Design System complements your existing authoring tools and Learning Management System (LMS). Easily export highly visual storyboards to multiple formats including SCORM, Powerpoint, PDF, XML and sharelinks.

Whether your team works with instructional designers and you need to improve your processes to work faster or if you don’t have instructional designers and need a platform that can enable subject matter experts to leverage best practices, Synapse can standardize and streamline your learning programs.


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Staying at the top of the industry requires knowledge, and we’re always learning. Check out our latest knowledge on our blog or download additional information on our Resources page.

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