Learning Designed.

Synapse®, the cloud-based Learning Experience Design System, brings all the pieces and people you need together to design, curate and prototype learning experiences quickly, easily and effectively.

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IACET partners with Synapse to host Webinar

IACET partnered with Synapse to host a premier webinar titled “Design Thinking & Learning Advancements” with some of industry’s most influential leaders on technology and instructional design. The webinar was packed with information from: Bror Saxberg, CLO at Kaplan and Nick Howe, CLO…read on.

Remove the Madness From the Method.

Designing learning experiences means tackling tough questions, making lots of decisions, and seamless team interactions. It’s time-consuming, expensive, frequently chaotic and not always aligned with objectives. Synapse® provides the platform, tools and collaborative environment to:

  • Minimize the hand holding.
  • Eliminate paper-based templates.
  • Follow instructional design best practices.
  • Guarantee just the right amount of content.
  • Ensure learning is effective and meets desired outcomes.

The Old Way

The New Way

Activate Your Learning Agenda.

Start with Synapse® to accelerate the learning design process and bring your learning designer, subject matter experts and team together to:

  • Apply the latest in adult learning science.
  • Save time and reduce development costs.
  • Design well-structured learning experiences.
  • Develop a replicable approach that maximizes ROI.
  • Create prototypes and blueprints that guide content authoring efforts.


From lesson to lesson, course to course, or problem to problem, Synapse® provides you with a systematic framework that ensures every learning experience designed follows best practices for adult learning and continuing education.


Designing with Synapse® ensures that every module, lesson or experience is laser-focused and effectively tied to learning outcomes. It also makes sure content is structured around specific needs and is easy to digest.


Synapse® automatically creates design blueprints and prototypes to ensure that what you design is exactly what you need to develop, saving countless hours and considerable costs.





Become a learning experience designer with Synapse®.