Learning Design System.

Getting training developed on time is mission critical for performance focussed organizations, and with subject matter experts and designers not being familiar with each other’s discipline, significant bottlenecks occur.

A Learning Design System manages training requests, automates your instructional design process, and guides subject matter experts through best practices while seamlessly integrating with your existing systems to help your team work at the speed needed.

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Smart, connected and agile.

Get the scaffolding you need to standardize and scale your corporate training development process with automated workflows that make collaboration effortless.

Training Requests

Let employees and partners interact with your training department, submit training requests, and collaborate on exact needs for a strong return on investment.
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Project Planning

Increase efficiency and move away from manual tools and processes such as spreadsheets and word docs so your stakeholders minimize errors and wasted time.
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Rapid Instructional Design

Leverage workflows and best practices that intelligently guide designers, subject matter experts, and stakeholders, step-by-step, through the entire process.
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Auto-Produced Content

Transform project decisions into blueprints, storyboards, and prototypes for seamless handoffs to developers/vendors, or publish fully responsive courses on any device.
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Connect your current learning management system, eLearning tools, and favorite enterprise apps. No matter your set-up, we’ll feed the data back to your LMS.

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Reduce turn time for your training projects.

“Working with subject matter experts just became easy! Synapse enables my learning team to drastically cut the time it takes to produce and maintain content.”

   VP, L&D Envoy Mortgage
  • Increased productivity and optimized resources.
  • Maximized budgets and designed content 25x faster.
  • Improved the quality of service provided to employees.
  • Better cross-functional collaboration, and improved team performance.
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Reduce time-to-market

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Improve performance quality

Lower Costs
Reduce development costs


* Client results benchmarked against The Chapman Alliance Research Study.

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With a collaborative platform that makes every part of your training development process more scalable, and a support team excited to help you grow, getting the most out of your Learning Design System has never been easier.