unconscious incompetence

How to Tackle Unconscious Incompetence in the Workforce Through Training Solutions

“We don’t know what we don’t know” or “fake it till you make it” are oft-used phrases to describe knowledge that we might need—but don’t currently have—in order to do our jobs. This phenomenon is also known as unconscious incompetence, and it’s hurting organizations in ways you might not even …

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organizational training needs

How to Diagnose Organizational Training Needs Using Your Training Intake Process

In LinkedIn’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report, understanding what skills to build or what courses to develop was listed as a top 10 challenge by 22% of learning professionals. Meanwhile, 21% cited demonstrating the value of learning as an obstacle and 17% said earning executive buy-in was a top challenge. These …

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online learning

6 Ways to Promote Training Intake and Increase Engagement

You may have already rolled out your training intake system, but is anyone using it? The lack of adoption of your new system is only one sign that it’s not working and is most likely due to awareness. Managers and business partners—those who are in a position to make a …

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Why L&D Needs to Ditch Disparate Tools for Purpose-Built Technology Solutions

For some time now, learning and development has been experiencing a deluge of new technology and tools to enable training teams to make the leap into online learning and digital content creation.  Most of the technology available (LMS’s, authoring tools, etc.) focuses on the creation and deployment of learning. L&D …

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learning culture

The Road to a Learning Culture Starts with Training Intake

The concept of a learning culture has never been more relevant or more essential than it is right now. When teams are dispersed and are lacking the usual form of in-person interaction, it makes casual on-the-job learning much more difficult. When organizations are challenged with budget freezes and having to …

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training intake system

5 Signs Your Training Intake System Isn’t Working

You and your team worked so hard to roll out a training intake system to streamline and measure the entire scope of requested learning across your organization. But is it working? We’ve compiled 5 signs that can tell you whether your training intake system might not be working as optimally …

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